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Surf Contests and Results

29th Annual Quiksilver/Big Island Toyota
Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials

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What: 29th Annual Quiksilver-Big Island Toyota Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials 2013
When: Saturday, 8/10/2013
Where: Honoli'i, Hilo

The 29th. Annual Quiksilver-Big Island Toyota Pro-Am Surfing Trials were held on Saturday, August 10th at Honoli’i Beach Park, in solid 4- 6ft. surf. Hurricane Henriette brought in the hefty waves. The remnants of Tropical Depression Gil caused some adverse conditions with rain and, at times, onshore wind. This was a good test of the contestants’ skills. 

Robert Patterson, Theo Lanst, Sean O’Blero & Ulu Boy Napeahi won trips & entries in the Men’s Open Division.
Kahanu Delori & Lipoa Kahalenani won trips & entries in Women’s Open.
Wesley Moore & Crispin Nakoa won trips & entries in Longboard Open.
Brandon Hilton & Sean Harvey won trips & entries in Bodyboard Open.

Men’s Open
     1st. Robert Patterson
     2nd. Theo Landt
     3rd.  Sean O’Blero
     4th.  Ulu Boy Napeahi
     5th. Roque Calderon
     6th.  Vaj Lederer

Women’s Open
     1st. Kahanu Delovio
     2nd Lipoa Kahaleuahi
     3rd.  Manu Napeahi
     4th.  Haili Debus

Longboard Open
     1st. Wesley Moore
     2nd. Crispin Moore
     3rd.  Akila Weber
     4th. Eddie Pieper
     5th. Tomo Saito
     6th. Richard Saya

Bodyboard Open
     1st. Brandon Hilton
     2nd. Sean Harvey
     3rd. Marshall Orr
     4th. Kanalao Black-Kaleleiki
     5th. Omar Gonzales
     6th. Douglas Blackie Matsuda

For any more info please give me a call at 935-1533.
Stan Lawrence