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Surf Contests and Results

25th Annual Quiksilver/Kamaaina Nissan
Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials

Photo Credits: Gary Petrison
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Hurricane Felicia didn’t fizzle for the the 25th Annual Quiksilver/Kamaaina Motors Big Island Pro-Am Surfing Trials held at Honolii Beach Park. Triple overhead surf saw Soliel Farnsworth and Shruti Kartil crowned men’s and women’s champions.

Sponsor prizes, airfare and entry to a North Shore pro surf contest were awarded to the top four men, top two body boarders, two longboarders and two women.  Soliel Farnsworth won a Surftech Dick Brewer 6’8” “Back Door” model. The Quiksilver-Kamaaina Motors Big Island Pro Am Surfing Trials is a launching pad for amateurs hoping to become surfing professionals and is limited to Hawaii Island residents.

Stan Lawrence, Orchidland Surfboards owner and contest organizer, said "Awesome, epic contest, something that the Big Island should be proud of.  We had the best waves in the island chain and the brotherhood of surfing is alive and well."

Men's Open 
     1st.  Soleil Farnworth
     2nd. Joey Oda
     3rd.  Kamakana Edens
     4th.  Young Tarring
     5th.  Dylan Sheehan
     6th.  Adam Escobar

 Women's Open:
     1st.  Shruti Kartik
     2nd. Chelsea Sky
     3rd.  Tara Lani
     4th.  Mary Anderson
     5th.  Chloe Child

Longboard Open:
     1st.  Wayne Victorino
     2nd. Koa Enriquez
     3rd.  Sode Kabalis
     4th.  John John Branlund
     5th.  Alika Weber
     6th.  Tomo Saito

BodyBoard Open:
     1st.  Matt Solomon
     2nd. Kealoha Kaaua
     3rd.  Nacoma Herrington
     4th.  Danie Villena
     5th.  Micah Salazar
     6th.  Jon Patrich Alcoran